“We Could Get Unlucky!” — “Running Man” Stars Haha And Jeon So Min Go Viral After Meeting Staff From The Infamous Dispatch

Their reaction reflects the outlet’s repuation for “exposing” relationships!

When it comes to Korean media outlets that are well-known, Dispatch is one of the most popular.

Korean media outlet Dispatch’s logo

Of course, while Dispatch posts photos at events and is a huge platform for netizens to receive idol news, they are also feared by celebrities across Korea.

The platform is most known for its dating reveals, and whether it’s their “New Year Couple” revealed on January 1 or throughout the year, they’ve “exposed” some of the most prominent pairings.

One of the most recent reveals was “The Glory” stars Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon | Dispatch
IU and Lee Jong Suk were revealed to be dating at the start of the year and this photo was released to showcase this. | Dispatch
One of the most famous was the now-married couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. | Dispatch

Well, it seems like the title of “Dispatch” is rightly enough to terrify any celebrities, and it was the same for Running Man cast members HaHa and Jeon So Min.

“Running Man” cast HaHa (left) and Jeon So Min (right)

During the recent episode, the duo was wandering around the streets, and HaHa unexpectedly explained, “We could get unlucky there.”

| Viu

Unsurprisingly So Min was confused until HaHa explained that they were walking past the Dispatch building. Even So Min couldn’t believe that the rapper had picked an office in such a risky place, especially with Dispatch’s reputation.

| Viu
| Viu

What was even funnier was moments later, the duo passed some workers and asked, “Where do you work?” As soon as they replied, “Dispatch,” the two apologized and explained that they would be going.

| Viu

After the episode aired, a clip was posted on TikTok and immediately gained hundreds of thousands of views within hours.


aborts mission immediately 🤣 #runningman #haha #jeonsomin #hadonghoon

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Netizens loved how aware celebrities are of the outlet but also that the “Dispatch senses” must be real.”

Dispatch will forever put fear into celebrities. The fact that the staff was just roaming around and HaHa’s reaction proves they have “eyes everywhere.”

Source: Viu

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