“Running Man” Is Hit With Criticism For Parking In Disabled Parking Space

“Isn’t it common sense that you shouldn’t park there?”

Korea’s longest-running variety show finds itself embroiled in controversy.

Running Man poster | SBS

On the July 31 episode of SBS’s Running Man, the members of the show played a game of high-stakes tag.

Jeon Somin walking to her car | SBS

While leaving to hide their name tags for the game, the members were seen getting into their cars. During this scene, several cars were seen parked in parking spots reserved for the disabled and physically impaired.

HAHA (right) Running Man vehicle parked in reserved parking spot for the disabled  | SBS
Kim Jong Kook (left) | SBS

This scene has since gone viral, with many netizens showing a mixed response to the controversy. It was later revealed that the show had filmed on location during the location’s off-day and had reserved the location in its entirety, which meant those working on the show were the only ones that would be using the parking lot.

Some netizens stated it didn’t matter whether or not the show reserved the entire lot and criticized the show for parking in the reserved spots.

  • “If they reserved the whole lot, it means that were more than enough parking spaces, so why park there? Why would you broadcast a car parked in a spot reserved for the disabled for no reason?”
  • “Isn’t it common sense that you shouldn’t park there even if you had reserved the entire lot? You guys are really defending them on this?”
  • “Whether they reserved the whole lot or not, what is wrong is wrong. If you let them off on this, it means they should be let off on other violations in the future.”
  • “If they reserved the lot, then weren’t there other spaces available? Why would you park your car there?”

While other netizens stated that they didn’t understand what the big deal was as the show had reserved the parking lot in its entirety.


  • “If it was on an off day and they reserved the whole lot, why does it matter?”
  • “If they reserved the whole lot, shouldn’t they be able to?”
  • “Why does it matter if they reserved the whole lot?”
  • “What? If the whole lot was reserved, then no other cars would need the space, so what is the controversy over?”

What is your stance on the issue? Was it wrong for the Running Man team to park their cars in the reserved spaces if they had reserved the whole lot for filming?

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