Jeon So Min Spills On The Truth Behind “Running Man” Love Lines

It was an impromptu announcement.

Running Man recently filmed an episode in Sangam-dong where each of the members had to hide a large version of their nametag before looking around to try and find the others’ nametags.

Running Man | SBS

Although the entire episode was filled with Running Man‘s traditionally chaotic humor, one scene especially stood out to fans as cast member Jeon So Min stood outside a cafe and chatted with fans who had gathered to see the cast.

Jeon So Min initially tried to pry for information about where other cast members might have gone to complete the day’s mission.

Fan: Are you filming Running Man?

Jeon So Min: Yes. Has anyone seen a member of Running Man?

Jeon So Min | @jsomin86/Instagram

But the fans refused to answer her, so Jeon So Min turned playful, greeting the fans like it was a planned fan meeting.

Jeon So Min: Hello, I’m So Min. Well… I’m doing a drama called Cleaning Up on JTBC. The last episode will air next week. Please show your support. And please watch Running Man on Sunday at 5 p.m. on SBS too. It’s very fun.

Cleaning Up | JTCB

Aside from her humorous promotion, Jeon So Min took the opportunity to clear up some dating rumors surrounding the show’s cast members. Confirming that she is not dating Yang Se Chan. The two simply try to add humorous content to the show.

Jeon So Min: And I’m not dating Se Chan. Don’t misunderstand. We’re joking to make it funny, but many people are mistaken.

Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan | @jsomin86/Instagram

And adding that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo are also not dating.

Jeon So Min: There’s nothing going on between Ji Hyo and Jong Kook either. You guys know it, right?

Producer: What are you doing?

Jeon So Min: I should speak for them. I wanted to say it in front of people.

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook | @my_songjihyo/Instagram

Running Man has often used love lines, which are scripted television relationships that give variety shows more humorous and heartwarming content. Although the cast members have often reminded fans that these love lines aren’t real, many fans still ship the variety show stars for their heart-fluttering chemistry.

You can watch the clip here.

Running Man