“Running Man” Plagued By Alarmingly Low Ratings — Should Fans Be Worried?

Netizens reacted to the show’s recent poor ratings.

Netizens reacted to Running Man‘s recent low ratings.

Running Man | SBS

On June 21, a post titled “Running Man’s Shocking Recent Ratings” went viral. The author of the post, which has been viewed over 120K times as of writing this article, uploaded recent viewership ratings for Running Man.

Running Man ratings | Instiz

Running Man, which once scored a rating of 18%, saw its most recent episode see a paltry 2.8% rating. Although television ratings have dramatically decreased with the rising popularity of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Wavve (which streams live episodes), a 2.8% rating is alarming nevertheless.

Running Man has hosted some of the biggest stars in the world including Tom Cruise (pictured right with Yoo Jae Suk) | SBS

The show, which is Korea’s current longest-running variety show, first aired in 2010 and is beloved for the show’s quirky missions and chemistry between its members. Unfortunately for the show, however, recently, audiences haven’t been tuning in as regularly.

Running Man cast. Lee Kwang Soo (first left) has since left the show. | SBS

Netizens reacted to the ratings, with some offering an explanation for the show’s low ratings while others defended the show by stating all variety shows have seen a steep drop in ratings.

  • “It hasn’t been fun lately…”
  • “But are there any shows with high viewership ratings? I’m sure ratings aren’t as high as in the past.”
  • “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter since there are more audiences who watch Running Man on YouTube. I don’t think people care about TV ratings anymore.”
  • “I don’t watch the live episodes, but I do watch clips of it on YouTube or stream the episode of Wavve.”
  • “I really don’t watch the live episodes… I couldn’t if I wanted to. I don’t watch TV anymore, LOL.”
  • “I don’t watch the live episodes and instead watch them on (streaming sites) while I eat.”
  • “These days, I don’t really watch live episodes of any variety shows. I stream all of them or watch their highlights on YouTube.”
  • “I even livestream the episodes on Wavve (streaming platform).”

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