“Running Man” Member Jeon So Min Goes Viral After Cursing On A Livestream, But It Isn’t For The Reason You Think

“She’s in a whole different league…”

Actress Jeon So Min is going viral for cursing on a livestream broadcast, but for a reason other than her language.

Jeon So Min | OSEN

On February 13, HAHA held a special livestream broadcast on his Twitch account. On this day, fellow Running Man member Yang Se Chan was also a guest. The two stated that they had just finished filming for an upcoming Running Man episode and were streaming at HAHA’s house.

While playing a game, Yang Se Chan received a call from Jeon So Min. The actress stated she had called out of frustration from watching the two keep losing in the game.

HAHA (left) and Yang Se Chan (right) | Twitch

Jeon So Min’s voice had the livestream’s audiences asking for a video call to which Jeon So Min obliged. Jeon So Min’s appearance on HAHA’s stream resulted in 10K people watching the stream.

| Twitch

During the video call, Jeon So Min asked how she could donate to the stream. To which HAHA and Yang Se Chan joked that the sounds made when a donation was given were made manually with their mouths.

You have to make the sound yourself. Follow me.


| Twitch

Jeon So Min then jokingly cursed while asking her fellow members if they thought they could fool her, to which HAHA and Yang Se Chan were seen laughing before apologizing.

Do you think I’m a f@cking idiot?

— Jeon So Min

| Twitch

The short clip went viral in an online community. The clip was a hot issue, not due to the actress’s foul language, however, but because of her beauty.

Netizens were shocked at how beautiful Jeon So Min was on the video call, with many stating that despite her hilarious antics, Jeon So Min was an actress for a reason.

  • “Celebrities are celebrities for a reason, LOL. She’s in a whole different league compared to YouTubers and streamers.”
  • “It’s like that time Jisoo came to AFREECA TV’s live event. I realized you had to be really pretty to be a celebrity.”
  • “There’s a reason why idols undergo a camera test… Cameras can’t capture their full beauty… Just by her using angles and lighting, she looks way better on the phone camera than she does on the broadcasts.”
  • “She’s pretty AF. Wow…”
  • “Anyone who has seen celebrities knows… They are basically the prettiest girls and the most handsome guys. They are the people with the smallest faces and the best body proportions. Non-celebrities, streamers, and BJs don’t stand a chance standing next to them in real life.”
  • “I bet she’s so pretty if you see her in real life.”
  • “She’s pretty AF.”

It seems Jeon So Min can do no wrong!

Source: wikitree and fmkorea