Running Man Members Get Suspicious That Song Ji Hyo And Kim Jong Kook Are Dating

Even the members are starting to get suspicious of the two.

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo have been acting closer and closer recently, leaving the rest of the Running Man cast awfully suspicious there is something going on between the two.

On a recent broadcast, the Running Man members were given the challenge of creating a new age-limit viewer warning that would be featured on Running Man. After hearing that the viewer warning would be aired 8 times in a month, the cast went crazy, hoping theirs would be picked.

Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan both presented an idea that focused on Kim Jong Kook’s abs and ripped body.

Jeon So Min’s plan was to have Kim Jong Kook dressed up as a rock, but with a large hole in the front of his shirt to expose his chest and abs.

When Song Ji Hyo presented her idea, she focused on the idea of equality rather than trying to attract attention with Kim Jong Kook’s body.

“I didn’t think of using Kim Jong Kook’s exposed body. We’ll all be equal and wearing tights or all be in the same positions.”

— Song Ji Hyo

As Song Ji Hyo presented her idea, Kim Jong Kook thanked her for her consideration.

“You’re… very nice.”

— Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo couldn’t hide a smile after hearing that, and the other members quickly caught on too. Haha burst out asking if there is anything going on between the pair and if it’s the creation of a new love line on the show.

This isn’t the first they they’ve been linked together. In the episode before this, the Running Man members were each told their 2018 fortunes and the fortune teller mentioned Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook’s compatibility score is between 85 and 95 out of 100.  They were also swept up in dating rumors late last year.

Source: Sports Chosun