Kim Jong Kook And Haha Are Launching A Business Together

Kim Jong Kook and Haha, most famous for their close friendship on SBS‘s Running Man, but now they have become business partners too.

Best friends Kim Jong Kook and Haha have joined forces to open and run a Korean barbecue restaurant brand. The restaurant was originally Haha’s but due to the close friendship between the 2, they decided to re-structure and run the restaurant together.

A source with knowledge of the situation commented on how the close relationship between the pair expedited the business partnership.

“The two have always matched well with each other, they’re very close. Their relationship as hyung-dongsaeng is very natural. They’ve had this relationship for a very long time and have planned to go into business together.

Now they’ve become business partners and have equally split the value of the business between them.”

— Insider source

Kim Jong Kook and Haha are currently preparing an event where they will personally grill meat for customers as a celebration of their new partnership.

Source: Osen