Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook May Not Be Single For Much Longer

Notorious bachelor Kim Jong Kook may finally be on track to find the love of his life soon. 

This week’s episode of hit SBS variety show Running Man will bring Kim Jong Kook to the spotlight with a special episode where he will show off his charms in a chance to find love.

This week’s episode, which will feature a blind date on a cruise ship, is titled “Sending Kim Jong Kook to Marriage”. Rather than a celebrity guest, the show announced that he would be meeting someone who isn’t part of the entertainment industry. The producers further affirmed that the guest was chosen out of genuine interest, and not for the purpose of the broadcast at all.

The last time Kim Jong Kook was spotted on a date with someone was with Lynn Hung in 2014.

His fellow Running Man cast members have agreed to support him like the family they are, as Kim Jong Kook will have a good “condition” to appeal to his blind date.

Still of last weeks Episode 332 of Running Man
The Running Man cast members look nervous for this week’s episode

This episode of Running Man is part of the new years “Member’s Week” theme for the show. Kim Jong Kook will be the second runner on the 15th, following Song Ji Hyo’s first place victory last broadcast. The episode featured the show runners punishing themselves over the recent controversy.

Source: Sports Chosun