Ryan Bang Reveals Sandara Park’s Dating Habits With Filipino Celebrities

The top MC, top model, top actor all wanted a chance with her!

Ryan Bang appeared on Video Star billed as the Yoo Jae Suk of the Philippines. There, he spilled about his life as a star in the Philippines and his close friendship with Sandara Park.


Ryan Bang is a Korean actor, comedian, and host who has been working in the Filipino entertainment industry for 9 years. He naturally got close to Sandara Park, who lived in the Philippines for over 10 years and worked in the entertainment industry for 3. Ryan Bang revealed that whenever they are both in Korea or Philippines they hang out and even plan trips together.

“Starting from when I was a no-name celebrity, [Sandara] would treat me to a meal and took such good care of me whenever I came to Korea.”

— Ryan Bang


Bang also spoke to Sandara’s popularity in the Philippines, revealing that she was popular the moment she debuted there.

“[Sandara] even rode a helicopter to get in-between schedules…Even the top celebrities in Philippines love her!”

— Ryan Bang


He also revealed that some of the top Filipino celebrities do their best to take Sandara on a date when she’s visiting, but she has a special way of seeing them all.

“The top MC, the top actor, the top singer, they all like Sandara Park. She’s not the style to meet someone individually because of her shy personality, so she invites the guys that like her together and sits here. From there, the most assertive guy will…I don’t know! I’ve only seen until then.”

— Ryan Bang


Though Ryan Bang left the rest of the story to everyone’s imaginations, with Sandara’s beauty & personality it’s certainly not difficult to see why several Filipino celebs would take any chance to go on a date with her!