Ryan Reynolds Once Again Proves Himself As The Biggest Stray Kids Fan By Moving To “Stayville”

All aboard the Stay train!

It’s no secret that actor Ryan Reynolds is now best friends with Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, as he officially became a part of stan Twitter late last month due to their Kingdom performance.

Bang Chan with a gift sent from Ryan Reynolds | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

But Ryan has recently taken it a step further, continuing to shout out Bang Chan on Twitter. This time, it’s for his song writing skills following a musical ad made by his company Maximum Effort.

When one fan commented on the song, he couldn’t help but shoutout his new best friend.

Not only that, but eagle-eyed Stays spotted something else as well that further cemented Ryan’s place in the fandom. Where the bio for his company Maximum Effort was once briefly “skz stan account,” it’s now the location of his company that got a makeover.


Looks like Ryan has officially moved Maximum Effort to Stayville! And of course, Ryan has been actively liking tweets that involve not only Stray Kids, but their plushy SKZOO friends as well!

We wonder how else their friendship will develop!

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