Ryu Phillip Confesses He Has No Income And Is Currently Living Off Of Wife Mina’s Income

“We are currently living off of Mina’s card.”

Ryu Phillip (29) revealed his income and how he and his wife Mina (46) are making a living on Park Myeong Soo’s Radio Show.

When the host Park Myeong Soo asked Phillip how much his monthly income was, Phillip confessed that he did not have any income at the moment.

Actually, I’m not making anything right now.

ㅡ Ryu Phillip


He explained that he planned to begin performing in plays and added that he is currently living off of Mina’s card.

I plan to start making (money) doing plays. Currently, we are living off of the ‘Mica’. It’s an abbreviation for Mina card.

ㅡ Ryu Phillip


On March 5, Mina shared a photo on her Instagram celebrating the trial performance of a play that Ryu Phillip will be appearing on called I Love You Mom.


Meanwhile, singer Mina and Ryu Phillip got married back in July 2018 and showed everyone that age was just a number with their 17-year gap.


Source: TV Daily