Ryu Si Won’s ex-wife found guilty of perjury

Actor Ryu Si Won was previously sued by his ex-wife for physical violence; however the case has now ended with a fine against the ex-wife for perjury. 

On February 12th, it was revealed that the court found Ryu Si Won’s ex-wife to be guilty of perjury and fined her 700,000 won (approximately $630 USD) in response. The court stated, “Part of Ms. Jo’s testimony, concerning her actions of checking the apartment CCTV, has been proven to be a lie. Therefore, she is fined 700,000 won. The reason for the judgement will not be revealed since parts of it go against virtuous manners.

On previous court results, Ryu Si Won was proven to be guilty of several accusations including physical violence, threatening, and tracking his wife’s location on a regular basis. As a result of the judgement, Ryu Si Won will lose custody of his daughter, and while his daughter is growing up, he will continue to pay 2,500,000 won (approximately $2,300 USD) per month until the year 2030.

Additionally, the actor must pay approximately 30,000,000 won (approximately $27,000 USD) as settlement along with 390,000,000 won (approximately $350,000 USD) as fair separation of property.

Through this last judgement, the court finalized all lawful relations between Ryu Si Won and his ex-wife. Both parties had saved their words after the judgement with Ms. Jo not leaving the court even ten minutes after the judgement was made. Facing many reporters, she simply said, “I have nothing to say.

Source: Star News