SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Responds To Fans Who Are Upset At Pledis’s New Rule About Gifts

He wanted CARATs to understand this.

Pledis Entertainment recently announced that SEVENTEEN and NU’EST will not be accepting any fan gifts aside from handwritten letters starting in 2020.


K-Pop fans are well-known to shower their idols with love in the form of expensive gifts for their birthday, achievements, and various other celebrations.

But they will no longer accepting the gifts starting next year.


As many fans began to express their disagreement to the new rule, S.Coups went onto their official fan cafe to make an announcement as the leader of SEVENTEEN.


In his message, he explained that the members decided to only receive their loving intensions instead of the physical gifts. They hope it will be beneficial to the fans, as the members already know just how much their fans adore them.

He concluded by vowing to work hard in 2020 so that the members and their fans can have another successful year together!


Read his full message below:

Hello. This is S.Coups, the general leader of SEVENTEEN and CARATs.

CARATs, the weather has gotten very cold. Are you guys keeping warm? I’m also working hard to meet CARATs again by resting and finding stability.

I’m writing this message today because I wanted to say something to the CARATs.

Ever since our debut to now, we have been receiving an overwhelming amount of love from CARATs, and the members have been wondering how we can return even a little bit of that love.

From now on, instead of the presents you send us, we plan on only accepting our CARATs’ beautiful and loving intensions to congratulate us. I hope our CARATs won’t be too disappointed. We feel your love more than enough through your kindness!

AS next year will be our 5th anniversary, we plan to continue working hard with our CARATs, so I hope you look forward to it.

Thank you always.

— S.Coups

Source: Nate Pann