Sabrina Carpenter Reveals Which K-Pop Group She Would Love to Collaborate With

She named two K-Pop groups she would love to collaborate with.

Sabrina Carpenter is no stranger to K-Pop. Just last November, the American singer was touring with MONSTA X for I Heart Radio’s Jingle Ball. In August of 2018, she had met both Red Velvet and Akdong Musician (AKMU)‘s Suhyun.

The singer recently had her first concert in Korea. Two days after the concert, on April 8, 2019, she sat down and answered some questions concerning K-Pop in an interview.

When asked what was on her playlist now, she responded that she really loves BLACKPINK! Her current favorite is their newest track, “KILL THIS LOVE”.

She is also a fan of Red Velvet.

When asked if there was a group she’d want to collaborate with, she responded,

Red Velvet or Blackpink. I just want to try being a K-Pop girl group member, even just one song.

When asked if she would choose not to dance, like Halsey when she collaborated with BTS for “Boy With Luv”, Sabrina replied that she would absolutely dance.

No, I want to dance. I would want my face to have perfect makeup and to have perfect skin like K-pop singers.

This is not the first time she said she would want to collaborate with Red Velvet. She actually answered the same question on her Instagram stories last year after she met with the girls.

Sabrina has never shied away from her love of K-Pop. She has made numerous posts on SNS to show just how big of a fangirl she was!

Hopefully she gets the chance to collaborate with Red Velvet and BLACKPINK soon!

Source: Huffington Post Korea