Saesang Finds Kim Dong Wan’s Address And Leaves Mocking Letter In Mailbox

The former SHINHWA member is plagued by saesangs.

Kim Dong Wan is a former member of SHINHWA and has transitioned to a successful acting career since leaving the group, most recently taking the lead role in KBS’s I Don’t Wanna Work late last year.

The actor shared a troubling picture on Instagram. The picture was of a handwritten letter written in black ballpoint pen that reads “I worked my ass off looking for your house. I know you! I found you!”.

Kim Dong Wan voiced his displeasure at the letter in the captions and hashtags of his post.

If you meant this as a joke, I will make you suffer the opposite. I can see your picture clearly.

– Kim Dong Wan

This isn’t the first time that Kim Dong Wan has been plagued by over-eager fans, he posted an online warning in January and his company has previously asked fans to stop leaving food at his house because it can lure wild animals.

Source: Korea Times