“Where Is Sakura?” Fans Are Divided After Artist Takes Down Photos Of LE SSERAFIM Due To Criticism

“I mean he’s just a photographer, and not a fan…”

A photographer who uploaded photos of LE SSERAFIM members is being criticized after fans felt he had intentionally left out a photo of Sakura.

LE SSERAFIM | Gukje News

The photographer, Cho Gi Seok, an esteemed artist who also works as an art director, uploaded several teaser photos of LE SSERAFIM members for their upcoming album UNFORGIVEN.

Photos of LE SSERAFIM members by Cho Gi Seok | @chogiseok/Instagram

The photos, all taken by the photographer, show the members in an artistic light. The members exude a beauty that is haunting and ethereal.

| @chogiseok/Instagram
| @chogiseok/Instagram

After the pictures were uploaded, however, fans complained that member Sakura was missing. According to reports, the photographer had also uploaded individual members of the group but did not upload a photo of Sakura.

| @chogiseok/Instagram

Eventually, the artist took down the post altogether.

Netizens were divided about the incident. While some fans defended the photographer by stating his artistic vision should be respected as the photos weren’t official, many others maintained their stance that “LE SSERAFIM is five” and that they’d rather not have any photos if it meant a member would be left out.

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