Netizens Compare Sakura’s Styling In IZ*ONE Vs. LE SSERAFIM, And Point Out The Difference

The difference is her image is so huge!

Before her much-anticipated debut in LE SSERAFIM, Miyawaki Sakura was a member of the very successful project girl group IZ*ONE, and netizens recently compared her styling from her IZ*ONE days, to now!

Sakura | @39saku_chan/Instagram

IZ*ONE was known for their beautiful, elegant concept, and their styling often reflected an ethereal vibe to their visuals! Sakura, in particular, looked absolutely stunning with the elegant styling, and was a perfect visual for the group!

| @official_izone/Instagram

From their “Violeta” comeback…

…to “Fiesta”…

…and “Panorama”, Sakura wowed everyone with her unreal beauty that shone with the classy, sophisticated styling that fit IZ*ONE’s concept to a T!

After IZ*ONE’s disbandment, Sakura was later confirmed to sign with Source Music, and made her debut with the agency’s newest girl group, LE SSERAFIM!

| Source Music

Compared to IZ*ONE, LE SSERAFIM has a bold girl crush concept, and the styling for Sakura has been done accordingly! In IZ*ONE, Sakura’s features were styled to look gentle and soft, but in LE SSERAFIM, Sakura shows off a sexier, more edgy style!

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

For their debut with “Fearless”, Sakura got rid of her bangs, sported cooler toned makeup, and wore chic outfits that gave her a different vibe entirely!


| @39saku_chan/Instagram

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

Sakura’s killing it with her new styling! Watch her make her debut with LE SSERAFIM in their “Fearless” MV here!