Sam Hammington Reveals He’s Working On A New Baby Sibling For William And Bentley

He wants a baby girl!

Sam Hammington opened up during Friendly Entertainment about his current plans for conceiving his third child since William and Bentley.

After a full day of shooting, Sam Hammington announced that he has to leave early instead of staying the night with the rest of the cast. He revealed that he has an early appointment the next morning with his wife to visit their doctor for an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure!

Sam Hammington and his wife Yumi are working on getting pregnant with their third child! He confessed that he’s hoping for a daughter after his two sons!

Sam and Yumi have two beautiful boys, named William and Bentley, who are a hot sensation all over the world thanks to their regular appearance on Return Of Superman. Sam, William, and Bentley show their dynamic and comedic relationship as the viewers watch the children grow and learn under Sam’s renown parental guidance.

The Hammingtons share a special bond as they’ve overcome countless obstacles with the help of each other as a family.

As William and Bentley are famous for their adorable charms and handsome visuals, fans are dying to see how beautiful a baby girl Hammington would look like!

Best wishes to the Hammingtons and hope to hear some great news soon!

Source: My Daily