Sam Hammington’s Son Was Shocked to Find out That His Dad Is Not Korean

William must’ve thought his dad was Korean this whole time.

On an episode of KBS’s Superman Returns (Episode 281), William found out the truth behind his dad’s national origin.

On the show, William was eating food off of the ground and pretending to be a zombie when his dad, Sam remarked, “These days, William only talks about zombies. He absolutely loves them.

William was then seen attacking Sam as a zombie to which his little brother, Bentley expressed his worry and made both his dad and the viewers laugh.

After that, William proceeded to sing a song while still pretending to be a zombie.

As soon as William started to sing a song about an elephant, Sam sang along, but William was quick to point out that he got the lyrics wrong.

When Sam explained, “I didn’t know that because I’m a foreigner” William expressed his shock and asked, “Dad, you’re a foreigner?” and made everyone burst into laughter once more.

The fact that it took William three whole years to realize this just goes to show how fluent Sam Hammington is in Korean and how well he adjusts to the Korean culture despite being a New Zealand-born Australian.