Sam Hammington Reveals He Worries About William And Bentley’s Immense Popularity

He’s worried it’ll affect how they grow up.

Sam Hammington appeared on Happy Together 4 where he opened up about his sons, William and Bentley‘s, ever-growing popularity.


The Hammington family gained love and popularity by appearing on the show Superman Returns, where they showcase the everyday happenings of a father raising two children.


Ever since their appearance, William and Bentley’s popularity grew quickly. Sam Hammington said he could tell just how popular they are by looking at the number of followers on their social media accounts.


William has over 803,000 followers to this day, and Bentley has over 395,000!


Although Sam is grateful for all the love and support, he worries about their immense popularity. He says people will take photos and videos of his sons whenever they’re outside. He worries it will cause stress to his boys.

“Younger generations all have a phone, so they take videos of them whenever we’re outside. So I ask William, ‘Do you want to have your picture taken? No?’ If he doesn’t want to take a photo, we don’t force him.”

— Sam Hammington


His wife and he don’t allow their sons to watch Superman Returns, which means that the boys don’t know that they’re television celebrities! Sam hopes that by not letting them know that they appear on TV, William and Bentley can have a normal childhood.


Jun Hyun Moo also commented on the Hammington Boys’ popularity. William once commented that he looked like Buzz from “Toy Story”, and he immediately became known as “The Buzz Who’s Recognized By William” among netizens!

“I was able to sense how popular he was when I met him at an awards ceremony. He said I looked like Buzz from ‘Toy Story’. And someone sent me a gift through my agency. It was a toy Buzz. They wrote, ‘The Buzz who’s recognized by William.'”

— Jun Hyun Moo


This isn’t the first time Sam Hammington expressed his concerns about the safety of his children. He recently asked sasaeng fans to stop ringing on his doorbell to meet the kids while they’re asleep.

“I’m always thankful that my kids have so many fans. But I hope you’ll stop coming to our house, ringing our doorbell, saying you want to meet them and take photos with them.

Our house is our private space, and we have our own lives, so please stop. Let’s be respectful.”

— Sam Hammington


The Happy Together 4 cast all agreed that the kids’ safety should come first and asked the viewers to “please be considerate to the kids.

Source: The Celeb