Sam Tinnesz Reacts To Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Dance Cover Of His Song “Play With Fire”

We’re hoping this means a collab in the future!

Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin has released a dance cover of “Play With Fire” by American singer-songwriter Sam Tinnesz featuring Yacht Money, and STAYs couldn’t be happier!

Not only is the video stunningly cinematic, but it gives Hyunjin an amazing opportunity to shine as it showcases his dance skills, which, by the way, he choreographed the dance! The video also contains a beautiful and profound message.

STAYs were so excited about the release of the dance cover that they also wanted to share it with others, particularly the artist of the original song, Sam Tinnesz. After seeing a few of fans’ tweets that tagged him, he finally saw the video and even responded!

Sam Tinnesz | @SamTinnesz/Twitter

Tinnesz retweeted a STAYs’ post and tagged Stray Kids’ official account. He said that he was honored that Hyunjin would do a dance cover of his song and that he loved it!

He also posted a part of Hyunjin’s dance cover on his Instagram account. This time, he added an extra message, saying he wants to collaborate with Stray Kids in the future. Yes, please, let’s make this happen!

Wow. So honored to have HYUNJIN choreograph this dance to “Play With Fire.” Love this! @realstraykids, let’s do a song together sometime! 🤘🔥

— Sam Tinnesz (@samtinnesz/Instagram)


| @samtinnesz/Instagram & @skzchartdata/Twitter

The praise didn’t end there, however. Tinnesz not only shared a post, but he also shared his streaming of the video on YouTube on his Instagram Stories. Additionally, he reposted several STAYs’ posts with endless compliments for Hyunjin (it’s only what he deserves)!

| @samtinnesz/Instagram
| @samtinnesz/Instagram
| @samtinnesz/Instagram
| @samtinnesz/Instagram

We’re now hoping that this will be the start of a new friendship that will result in a collab in the future!

Check out Hyunjin’s dance cover below:

Source: Stray Kids and @samtinnesz

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