Samsung Medical Center identified as a source of MERS in Korea

Recently, one of Korea’s most prestigious hospitals, Samsung Medical Center, was identified as a source of infection for MERS.

Over 800 patients and medical staff have been quarantined after being notified that they may possibly exposed to this virus by the 14th confirmed MERS patient within the hospital. Though the 14th confirmed MERS patient is currently in quarantine, the 3-day exposure in the emergency room beforehand was what led to the vast number.

One of the confirmed isolated MERS patients is a doctor affiliated with Samsung Medical Center. Despite showing early symptoms of MERS on May 30th, the doctor attended a multitude of large events held in southern Seoul, exposing over 1,500 citizens to the virus. Afterward, he treated an embolism patient, who also was quarantined due to close exposure with the 14th confirmed MERS patient.

Samsung Medical Center was the first hospital in the nation who has discovered a confirmed case of this virus back on May 20th. The hospital reported a success with this case as no other patients were infected within the hospital at the time, due to their proactive measures in keeping their patients safe.

Many citizens are worried that this virus will reach the heart of Seoul, home of 10 million people, as this prestigious medical center announced its new confirmed MERS cases. However, the head doctor reassured that the virus has not left the emergency room.

Source: Korean Herald

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