San E Calls Radical Feminists “Insane” at Brand New Music Concert, Agency Apologizes

San E went crazy.

Brand New Music has issued an apology for the incident involving San E’s outburst at their company concert on December 2nd.


San E came onto the stage while hearing boos from crowd and seeing signs saying “San E sucks”. He began his set with an attempt at love and positivity.


During his performance, a pig doll with insults was thrown at him saying “Die, San E sucks, die, leave Brand New” You can see in the video that he jumped down from the stage towards the area where the doll was thrown from.


Following the performance, he didn’t hold back his thoughts about “feminists” and quoted his lyrics from his Jerry.K diss track “6.9cm”.

“I have, for the Womad and Megals who came here, just one think to say to you. I don’t give a f*ck. Womad is a poison. Feminist no, you’re all mental patients. Jerry K, you’re a Womad d*ckboy. 6.9 cm, that’s your d*ck though b*tches.”

—  San E

“Megal” refers to a Korean radical feminist website Megalia and WOMAD, another extreme feminist online community which split from Megalia in 2016. WOMAD has stated they are not women’s rights movement activists.


He also stated that the event would be his last Brand New Music concert ever.

“I’m here for the ones who love me. For the ones who don’t like me, for those who say I suck, for those who are throwing at me, for those who don’t respect me — I don’t feel I have to respect you at all.”

— San E


At the end of his set, he once again repeated that “Womad and Megal are societal evils” before leaving the stage.

The founder of Brand New Music, Rhymer, was also said to have come out on stage after — in order to apologize for the incident.


Brand New Music also released a statement after the situation, apologizing once again.

“Hello, this is Brand New Music.

We accept full responsibility for all of the controversy related to our ‘BRANDNEW YEAR 2018’ concert and  would like to convey our apologies to anyone (including audience and artists) who felt uncomfortable because of this situation.

We will work hard to be more cautious so situations like this do not come up again.

Thank you.”

— Brand New Music

Source: OSEN