San E criticizes Minyoung’s excuse for her performance on “SIXTEEN”

Rapper San E appeared as one of the guest judges with Ga In on the May 26th episode of SIXTEEN and could not conceal his laughter at trainee Minyoung when she excused her performance to her choice of song.

Hosted by Mnet, SIXTEEN is JYP Entertainment‘s new competition show to choose the best members for the company’s upcoming girl group, Twice.

In the episode, the competing teams were given a mission for a 1:1 match that San E admitted was a fierce fight and it was hard to make decisions.

However, as Minyoung of the “minor group” performed, San E laughed and disapproved her excuse to explain her lacking performance to her choice of the song that made her put too much strength on her vocals. He commented that she seemed to possess singing abilities though she failed to showcase her talents in this round, suggesting in giving her a second chance.

But J.Y. Park commented that like outstanding athletes, it is more important to express your talents well on stage, to be courageous and confident, apart from letting your nervousness hide your abilities away, explaining why he chose Minyoung’s competitor Somi to be in the “major group.”

After the announcement, Minyoung couldn’t hide her disappointment and say that she will continue training herself to strengthen her live performances to become more confident.

SIXTEEN is currently broadcast on Tuesdays at 11pm KST on Mnet. Thus far, members Chaeyeon and Eunsuh have been eliminated.

Source: News1 and OSEN