Sana Is Facing Criticism From Korean Right-Wingers Over An Instagram Post

They don’t like her recent comments about former Emperor Akihito.

A recent Instagram post by Sana of TWICE has been blowing up in Korea, bringing with it a wave of angry Korean right-wing nationalists.

Sana wrote a message in Japanese about the recent end of Japan’s Hesei era.

As someone born in the Hesei era, I am sad that it is coming to an end. However, Hesei, you worked hard. It’s the beginning of the Reiwa era so I’m going to face the beginning and complete the last day of Hesei neatly.

– Sana

This prompted far-right nationalistic Korean netizens to bash Sana for making a post about Japan while working and earning money in Korea. Korea-Japan relations are historically tense so when a foreign idol gets marginally political they face a lot of backlash from some extreme nationalistic members of the Korean public.

JYP has not removed the Instagram post, which may indicate that are standing by Sana and approve of her message.


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