The 2NE1 Song Sandara Park Can’t Listen To—No Matter How Many Years Pass

Time still hasn’t healed that wound.

Even though 2NE1 disbanded seven years ago, former member Sandara Park is touched that fans still support them and listen to their music.

Minzy and Sandara Park. | @daraxxi/Instagram

However, there’s one 2NE1 song that she refuses to listen to—no matter how much time passes.

During the singer’s appearance on Look Me Up, a fan wrote a comment about recently listening to “GOODBYE”. Sandara noted that there are “still people who listen to it.” Sadly, she wasn’t one of them.

Sandara Park revealed it was the one 2NE1 song she refused to listen to because it held too many emotions.

I can’t listen to that song. It’s so heartbreaking and sad. I feel suffocated just to hear the intro. For me, it’s the song I played the least.

— Sandara Park

Since it was the last song the group released, Sandara still can’t handle the painful memories from that time.

| @daraxxi/Instagram

Although time heals all wounds, that song has remained a sore spot for Sandara over five years later.