Sandara Park Thinks She Would Have Been “Better Off” At This Company Instead Of YG Entertainment

Do you agree with her?

For most K-Pop fans, 2NE1 is a legendary girl group recognizable to many across the different generations of K-Pop.

2NE1 | YG Entertainment

It’s been almost fifteen years since their debut, and since they departed from YG Entertainment, they have pursued solo careers in addition to the occasional iconic reunion.

Sandara Park is the member who most recently made a comeback, releasing her first solo album in Korea, Sandara Park. The star has remained busy appearing in other content like reality programs and television series.

Sandara Park | Abyss

Recently, she appeared on Kim Jaejoong‘s JaeFriends program, where she discussed her career, making a funny revelation.

While talking about their shared past as second-generation artists, Sandara suddenly says that she believes she would have been better off at SM Entertainment, much to Jaejoong’s surprise.

She states that many people think that YG “wasted her looks and time,” referencing the many strange hairstyles she wore during her career.

Jaejoong recalls that Sandara was called out more often about her “spiky hair,” though he rocked a similar look at one point.

Sandara revealed more details about her hairstyles, saying that one would take four hours and that she hurt her neck trying to fit inside cars.

Her descriptions make it easy to see why she thinks she would have been better off at SM than YG!

You can check out the full episode below.