Sandara Park Confesses She’s Only Dated Celebrities

Everyone was shocked.

Sandara Park appeared on February 24’s episode of Seoulmate 2 and talked about her past relationships during a beautiful dinner in Manila.

The conversation began as comedian Kim Young Cheol mentioned the beautiful scenery of Manila and added that people must often go jogging in the area. Dara responded by saying that not only do people go jogging, but they also go on dates.


She then added that she too has gone on a date in the area before.


She has confessed many things about her dating life such as the fact that she has dated a foreigner before and she stated that she felt no shame in saying these things as long as she doesn’t reveal any names.

“I won’t say who it is though.”


When Yeong Cheol asked if she has ever dated a Korean celebrity, she shyly replied that she’s only dated celebrities before.

“I’ve only dated celebrities before…”


When everyone was shocked at her confession, she brushed it off claiming that it was long long ago.

“It was way back then so it doesn’t matter.”


Watch the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch