Sandara Park Confesses Her Feelings To Her Childhood Crush On National TV

He was completely shocked!

Sandara Park met first generation idols Click-B through Video Star. During the show, she confessed that she was a big fan of the group when she was young! Ever the kind seniors, Click-B invited Dara to take a selfie with a member of her choice!


Sandara became a total fan girl as she confessed she even thought about dating her childhood Click-B bias when she was younger!

Doesn’t everyone have someone when you were younger where you thought, ‘I wish I can date that oppa’?

— Sandara Park


Dara was told to secretly walk behind her bias while the Click-B members kept their eyes closed. While walking towards her childhood crush, Dara looked like a nervous teenager just moments before confessing her love!


She revealed that her “one-pick” was main vocalist Jonghyuk!


After confessing her childhood crush on national TV, she ran back to her seat as she demanded to know out of embarrassment why they made her do that when it wasn’t on the script!


Dara and Jonghyuk actually met before when they filmed the movie “Cheese In The Trap” together! Dara confessed that she had to slap Jonghyuk hard on the cheek during the movie and had a difficult time because he was her bias!


Sandara Park is the epitome of a successful fan!

Source: News1