Sandara Park Reveals Specific Details To The Time She Dated A Younger Celebrity Back In 2011

She confessed her secret details!

Sandara Park, Brown Eyed GirlsJea, and Hwangbo discussed on Sisters about how celebrities set up blind dates.


When Hwangbo said most are done at cafes, Sandara confessed that she’s had blind dates in her car! Apparently, she would park her car near a popular hair salon for celebrities and have the potential boyfriend meet her secretly in her car.

“I’ve done [blind dates] in cars too… After I debut, I [met up] in cars.

You know that hair salon in Cheongdam-dong, near SM? I parked there [and had a blind date].”

— Sandara Park


Hwangbo and Jea burst out laughing as they pictured how awkward it must be to meet someone new in such close proximity!


Sandara continued on to spill more details about her secret car date as she confessed that it happened during the summer of 2011! She was introduced by a friend, but as the man was also a celebrity, they “already knew about each other.


She’s uncertain “what happens these days but back then, [she] couldn’t go to a cafe or a restaurant” because “everyone knew [she] was an idol.


She also cooly confessed that the man that she met was someone younger than her!

“It was my car since I met younger men.”

— Sandara Park


Hwangbo and Jea wondered if it was alright for her to confess these specific details as she’s still a popular celebrity, but Sandara brushed it off like a queen and said, “It’s nothing.


Back in 2011, Sandara was promoting with 2NE1 in their prime as they dropped their hit track “LONELY” in May!


Keep doing you, Queen! Don’t care about what other people may say!