Sandara Park Eloquently Responds To Rumors That The 2NE1 Members Are Not Friends

In short, the answer is no

Dara is often seen by 2NE1 fans as the “biggest BLACKJACK” due to her endless support for the group that she debuted with in Korea.

Even before 2NE1’s disbandment, Dara has constantly expressed her love for the other members and their discography.

Yet, Dara has revealed that she was aware of rumors that the 2NE1 members were not close to each other.

Some people assumed that because the 2NE1 members did not display as much skinship as other groups they were promoting alongside.

Dara was interviewed recently about her thoughts on legendary K-Pop girl group Fin. K. L’s reunion on Camping Club for their 21st year anniversary.

She revealed that similar to Fin. K. L, 2NE1 also faced rumors that the members were not close to each other, even during active promotions.

Just because 2NE1 was not the type to … walk with our arms linked, we also had lot of rumors saying that we’re not close to each other

In fact, CL used to dislike hugging people!

Just as Fin. K. L disproved these reasons through their reality show, Dara expressed hope that people will finally realise that the 2NE1 members are truly sisters.

All four of us were really full of feeling of wanting to be on stage as one

Regardless of the rumors, the 2NE1 members have consistently shown how much they care for each other in ways other than skinship.

Since their disbandment, there have been too many moments to count that pinpoint that the members still consider each other sister.

Such moments include CL dedicating “Goodbye” to Minzy, Dara featuring in Bom’s first release following her scandal, and of course, 2NE1 organising a reunion for their 10th year anniversary.

The girls are aware that they don’t need to go out of their way to prove anyone wrong about their friendship.

What matters is that the evidence is already there.

In fact, Dara is confident that the girls will continue to stay close, just as long as the Fin. K. L members have.

I think our relationship will not easily disappear.

While BLACKJACKs are constantly hoping for a 2NE1 reunion, they always know that the 2NE1 members are truly sisters.