Sandara Park Shares Heartfelt Message With 2NE1’s Fans

She has so much love for 2NE1!

2NE1‘s Dara (also known as Sandara Park) has endless love for her fellow 2NE1 members and their fans, Blackjacks.

| @daraxxi/Instagram

Dara never misses an opportunity to fondly mention 2NE1. She even has her house filled with the group’s photos and memorabilia which she showcased on an episode of the MBC hit show I Live Alone.


When CL, Minzy, or Park Bom are promoting their latest projects, Dara is always there to show her support. In 2019, she even featured on two of Park Bom’s singles, “Spring” and “First Snow”.

Dara (left) and Park Bom (right) in 2019 | @newharoobompark/Instagram

Vogue Korea recently released a video with Dara where she took viewers through her daily skin care routine. She shared the products she uses and the tips she has learned to keep her skin looking youthful. And to no surprise, she found an opportunity to mention 2NE1’s leader CL!

It was Dara’s vulnerable message to fans at the end of her routine that really stood out. She shared that she ends her day by reading thoughtful lyrics before going to bed. In particular, the love song “Thanks” by Kim Dong Ryul has been on her mind because the lyrics encapsulate her feelings of love for her fans,

After we disbanded, our fans also felt very lost and sad… To the fans who cheered me on by saying, ‘Be more confident, Sandara,’ I didn’t want them to feel ashamed of being my fan.


The lyrics express the feelings of inadequacy with the hope that love can overcome those feelings. Dara said she related to this message and got emotional while thinking of the song and Blackjack.

Though starting to tear up, she joked that she has always wanted to sing the song for fans, but it’s not in the right key for her. Dara continued, “Still I’m very happy I could at least read it for you.” Before ending the video with a touching promise to fans.

You can check out the full segment with the meaningful lyrics here!