Sandara Park Just Apologized To Her Plane’s Flight Attendant, Here’s What Happened

“I want to apologize to the flight attendants who took care of me…”

2NE1‘s Sandara Park uploaded a cute apology on her Instagram.

Sandara Park | @ssantokki_xxi

It all began, on April 26, when she wrote on her Instagram…

On my flight to Los Angeles, I only ate steak and salad, so I told myself I would eat both bibimbap and ramen on my return flight! I’m going to eat everything!

— Sandara Park

Not long after the post, the idol then uploaded it onto her story…

I ordered both bibimbap and ramen. I didn’t even know this was a possibility on my flight to Los Angeles.

—Sandara Park

The singer also uploaded a picture of a large bowl of ramen with various side dishes.

Sandara Park’s story | @ssantokki_xxi

Unfortunately, despite telling herself she would eat everything, it seems the dinner didn’t quite go as planned as Sandara Park captioned the photo, writing,

I want to apologize to the flight attendants who took care of me. The reason I didn’t finish the meal wasn’t because it didn’t taste good but because I was so full. It really was tasty.

— Sandara Park

The 2NE1 member chastised herself, saying, “I shouldn’t have ordered so much when I have such a small appetite.”

Sandara Park | @ssantokki_xxi

Sandara Park stated she was trying to unleash her appetite to overcompensate after dieting for over a month.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

Sandara Park also uploaded onto her Instagram a post where she wrote that she eats ice cream in a cup because she is too full to eat the cone as well.

The idol has recently appeared on variety shows due to her extremely small appetite, like that one time comedian Park Na Rae cooked a four-course meal for renowned small-eaters Sandara Park and Cold Kunst. If you haven’t seen it, check the link below!

Source: Wikitree