Sandara Park Reveals 2NE1 Spent 3x More Money On Outfits Than BIGBANG

The 2NE1 Team even got scolded by YG’s accounting team.

During the recent episode of Unnie’s Salon, Sandara Park revealed a fun fact about 2NE1 and BIGBANG‘s outfits!

The hosts recalled how 2NE1 was not only known for their musical talents but also their shocking trend-setting fashion style! But Sandara explained that they didn’t plan on shocking the public with their styles. They only did it because it’s fun!

She explained, “We didn’t mean to be shocking. We only did it because it was fun and people were just surprised by it.

YG’s artists are known to be very extravagant in their outfit choices. BIGBANG was one of the first K-Pop groups to become a fashion icon!

But Sandara revealed that 2NE1 actually spent 3x more than BIGBANG on their outfits and styles! It got so out of hand that the company’s account team even scolded them for it!

We were told that we spent 3x more than BIGBANG on outfits, so we got yelled at by the accounting team.

But one of the reasons that set us apart from other groups was that we invested a lot on our outfits.

— Sandara Park

But they didn’t just use the company’s money. All of the members were so into fashion that they’d buy up all the latest goods from their favorite brands that stylists weren’t able to get their hands on it themselves!

About half of it were bought with our own money because all of the members love clothes.

When new outfits came out, the store managers would contact us even before the stylists. And we’d buy up all the new clothes. Our stylist would call us up to see if we had the items that were sold out, and we did, so we’d wear that on stage too.

— Sandara Park

Sandara explained, “That’s why our stage outfits and our casual outfits didn’t have much of a difference.”

But that’s just how she liked to dress. She preferred vibrant, baggy clothes over dresses and skirts like every other girl group.

But when we were just debuting, I would cry and fight with our stylists if they brought me one-piece dresses or skirts.

I’m like a little boy. I liked to wear loose hip-hop clothings like big shirts and baggy pants.

— Sandara Park

Sandara’s actually sad that she doesn’t have the opportunity to dress up like her 2NE1 days. But she’ll hopefully get the chance to return to her roots one day soon on stage!

Many people asked if I was sad that we didn’t get to wear pretty outfits, but I was very happy with our style.

I think I’m going to get sick because I haven’t been able to be daring like that these days.

— Sandara Park

Source: Chosun Ilbo