Sandara Park Reveals People Always Ask Her If She Actually Works

Sandara Park confessed that she’s been seeing a lot of hurtful comments recently.

On a recent episode of Dara TV, Sandara Park talked about being hurt by being called “jobless.”

At the start, she explained that she was in Thailand for an unofficial activity… 

As a way of self-promotion, meeting friends, and securing potential work on her own time. 

Comments flood in every time she travels, with people claiming she’s out of work because she’s often traveling.

“People are not aware of the story behind the job that I do… They keep on saying, ‘Is she jobless hanging around all the time traveling again?’ but, it’s not true.”

Sandara Park

Sandara explained that a lot of her work is behind the scenes and that just because she travels, it doesn’t mean she’s not also working.

Filming anything, she affirms, involves long hours and a lot of behind the scenes work that includes traveling—even an episode of Get It Beauty takes at least half a day to film. 

Sandara further revealed that she has receives comments about her overseas events and promotions from her own friends. 

“Even my friends keep on saying, ‘You got to travel again, I saw it on Instagram. I’m so jealous of you having so much fun…’

— Sandara Park

What she displays on social media may look like fun, but Sandara Park states that there was a lot of hard work involved. 

She seemed fed up and even ended the confession with the question, “What do you know about me?”

Catch more of her confession below. 

Source: Dispatch