Sandara Park Shares Her Thoughts About Her Career Change After 2NE1

Sandara Park talks about her transition from an idol to an actress in a promotional clip for her debut Korean film, One Step

Recently, Sandara Park and the cast of One Step, a Korean version of the American movie Begin Again, held a live broadcast online to promote their new film. They briefly had the chance to talk about experiences from their filming as well as their recent film premiere.

Sandara Park, however, had the opportunity to address her transition as a member of girl group 2NE1 into a solo venture as an actress. The film was her debut in the Korean film industry.

“I’m more nervous about this movie debut than singing in front of tens of thousands of people. When I was in 2NE1, the music was overflowing with fighting energy but for this movie, it was hard since my real voice can be heard in the songs.”

“I recorded in the studio a lot so I could be comfortable with it but after singing the first verse, I had to self-reflect. It was a hard and precious experience.”

— Sandara Park 

She plays the female lead role, Si Hyun who lost her memories in an accident. She meets Ji Won’s character and they team up to complete a song together in a bid to help her remember. The film was released in South Korea on April 6th.

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Source: TVReport