You Can Tell If Sandara Park Considers Someone A Close Friend By Looking For Her One Unique Behavior

No one can understand her reasoning behind it…

Sandara Park appeared on Unnie’s Salon, where she opened up about a unique standard she has in differentiating her closest friends.

Despite being known as one of the shyest celebrities around, Dara has an extensive line of networking friends. The hosts asked if she has a unique way in differentiating who she’s closest with.

Sandara confessed that she only shows her bare face to those who are closest to her! She got into a habit of always wearing makeup in front of people because YG Entertainment didn’t allow 2NE1 to appear anywhere without their makeup on.

Ever since we debut, they didn’t allow us to even attend dry rehearsals without makeup on.

So no one was able to see my bare face. Even when I was going out to dinner for personal reasons… It’s embarrassing to say this but I went to the salon beforehand.

— Sandara Park

She was worried that people who see her in public would be disappointed by her bare face, which has a different feel than the charismatic look of 2NE1.

She explained, “I was worried that they would be disappointed because I didn’t look like how I do on TV. So I went to get glammed up before going on.

But thankfully, she’s become more confident in her bare face. She still prefers going out glammed up but she isn’t too strict about the distinction now.

She said, “But I’ve become more relaxed about it. I used to refuse meeting anyone unless I had my cat eyeliner drawn in. But now I go about comfortably.

Sandara said she preferred the fiercer look her cat eyeliner gave her because her natural eye line makes her look soft. But just look at this gorgeous beauty! Anyone would die to have the visuals she dons with or without makeup!

But for now, if you ever wonder if Dara considers someone a close friend, just ask the friend: “Did you ever see Sandara without makeup on?