“I Might Get Married Next Year” Sandara Park’s Surprise Announcement Sparks Heated Debate

“Shouldn’t we congratulate her?…”

Sandara Park revealed that she may get married next year.

Sandara Park | Financial News

Recently the idol was featured in a teaser for Radio Star‘s future episode.

In the trailer, Sandara Park reveals she’s been “All-in” when it comes to love before making a sudden announcement.

These days, I’m all-in when it comes to love. Now I’m a dating expert. I think I might get married next week.

— Sandara Park

When a fellow guest on the show pointed out that the idol had just recently declared that she didn’t want to get married, Sandara Park quickly revealed that she had changed her mind.

Ah, I’m canceling that statement.

— Sandara Park

Previously, the idol had appeared on a YouTube show where she was asked why she hadn’t married. In response, the idol revealed that “I’m against getting married. I’ve seen many marriages fail.

Tak Jae Hoon (top left)

Incredibly enough, Sandara Park’s latest stance on marriage has sparked debate. While there were some who criticized her for switching her stance, there were many more netizens who defended the idol and called any criticism absolutely ridiculous.

  • “Women who are really against marriage wouldn’t switch their stances as if deciding what to eat, and wouldn’t reveal their stance to others.”
  • “It’s best for people who are against marriage to keep it to themselves… I understand why people are upset because those who are against marriage are often seen as people who would switch their minds if they met the right person… I’m also against marriage and dating, but I don’t tell anyone.”
  • “Why are we fighting? She should be able to change her mind.”
  • “I’m also not going to get married, but since no one can predict the future, I don’t tell people that I am.”
  • “Why are people upset? She should be allowed to change her mind if she meets someone great. I came in here to congratulate her…”
  • “If she changed her mind, then it means she met someone great, so shouldn’t we congratulate her?”
  • “Ugh… What’s wrong with changing her mind?”
  • “You guys are acting f@cking stupid. I bet you guys will change your minds too. Who cares?”
  • “What’s wrong with changing her mind? Did she make a blood oath or something?”
  • “Is it important? Do you have to register with city hall to be against marriage?”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo