Sandara Park Will Be Starring In New Vampire Action Film

Sandara Park will be starring in a brand new movie, and the preparations have already begun!

Director Lee Won Jun confirmed the news through his official Instagram.

“A new project is starting. With ‘Actress Sandara Park’.”

– Lee Won Jun

The new movie’s title will be 107th Year of Night.

The movie was picked up by YG K+, the model management subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

A health trainer spoiled that the new movie will most likely be an action film.

“107th Year of Night’s director Lee Won Jun uploaded the practice video I filmed for Sandara Park and Kang Seung Yeon.”

– Park Ji Ho

Director Lee also uploaded some pre-production photos.

And it looks like it’ll have something to do with vampires.

Will the new movie be starring Sandara Park as an action-hero-vampire?

Either way, 107th Year of Night will definitely be a movie to look out for!