Sandara Park Will Be Giving People Makeovers In New Variety Show

Would you let Sandara Park do your make-up?

JTBC is getting ready to launch a brand new beauty program called Mimi Shop featuring Sandara Park, along with Korean celebrities like Cheetah and Tony An.


Mimi Shop is a reality show that allows celebrities to provide make-up services for Korean guests. Sandara Park will be giving makeovers while talking about beauty, dating, and life.


While Sandara Park comes with experience hosting a beauty program in the past, she showed concern stating, “I’m actually not that good at doing make-up. I have sh*tty hands.”

On the other hand, panel Cheetah is known for her amazing make-up skills. The show anticipates exciting results from both celebs.


Even so, Sandara Park will be showcasing the perfect makeup for your upcoming Spring outings.


As well as those special nights around town!


Sandara Park has been well known to embody the perfect balance of natural and glam!


On JTBC’s Facebook page, the program is looking for participants who would like a celebrity’s makeover.

♥아마 예뻐질거에요♥ 신개념 심쿵 메이크업샵 ‘미미샵’으로 여러분을 초대합니다!워너비 셀럽 #토니안 #산다라박 #신소율 #치타 #김진경 에게 특별한 하루를 선물 받고 싶은 분들의 메이크업 예약을 받습니다…

Posted by JTBC4 on Friday, March 16, 2018

The first episode of Mimi Shop is scheduled to air on April 25th.


Needless to say, everyone’s excited for more makeup tips from Sandara Park!