Sandara Park Spills The Tea On YG Entertainment’s Methods To Enforce 2NE1’s Strict Dating Ban

“After I debuted, all these male celebrities hit on me… so because of me…”

The life of a K-Pop star is far from the rose-tinted glasses a lot of people see it through, and one of the hardest parts of the lifestyle is dating. Recently, Sandara Park revealed the nature behind 2NE1‘s dating ban and all the attention she got from celebrities.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

Sandara debuted with 2NE1 back in 2009, and the group is seen as one of the most iconic girl groups of all time. They achieved unrivaled success and still have a strong fanbase supporting them as a group and individually.

2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST” | 2NE1/YouTube
2NE1’s “FIRE” | 2NE1/YouTube 

In a new video, Sandara spilled on the true nature of the group’s dating ban. On May 25th, the YouTube web show No Back Tak Hae Joon uploaded its latest episode featuring Sandara.

During the show, they chatted about everything, and it included the topic of dating.

While most companies tend to have rules on dating, Sandara explained that the group’s dating ban was all because of her, as she revealed that after their debut, there were a lot of male celebrities hitting on her.

After I debuted, all these male celebrities hit on me. Yang Hyung Suk eventually heard the rumors and confiscated all four of our cellphones because of me.

— Sandara Park

Of course, the host wanted to know everything and asked about who and how many people hit on Sandara…

To which she replied, “Let’s just say plenty of sunbaes and hoobaes.”

If that wasn’t enough, she expanded on the details of some of the celebrities, explaining that because of her age, it meant that celebrities of all ages thought they could flirt with her.

At the time, I guess my age was perfect (for dating). Because I debuted at 26, hoobaes can hit on me. Sunbaes were like, all 2nd gen idols were young but she’s 26, so it might work. So both sides hit on me.

— Sandara Park

Sandara even revealed that she has dated in the past, but the reason any controversy or scandal didn’t catch her was that it was very brief and mainly done online.

While dating bans aren’t common, it was interesting that Sandara’s age meant that celebrities thought she was the perfect person to hit on, despite only starting her career. While YG Entertainment’s methods were strict, the topic of dating is so taboo in K-Pop, similar rules are implemented even now.

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