Sandara Park’s Passport Photos Show How She Hasn’t Aged In 7 Years

2NE1‘s Dara updated her Instagram with two passport photos that show she might be aging backward.

On March 14, Dara shared two passport photos of herself on her Instagram: one from 2010 and another from 2017, but besides the difference in makeup and hairstyle, they could easily be mistaken as having been taken in the same year.

2010 Version:

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While she looks young and beautiful in that photo, her new photo looks shockingly almost younger.

2017 Version:

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The two photos showed two very different sides of Dara. In 2010, she liked to wear high buns and dark smokey eye makeup, while in 2017, she seems to opt for a more simple and clean look.

Some of her followers even mentioned that she somehow looked younger in the 2017 version due to her softer appearance, but regardless, they were all amazed at how she hadn’t aged one bit over the course of 7 years.