This “Searching” Hollywood Actress Once Debuted as An Idol with Kahi and Son Dambi

If you’re planning to see “Searching” this weekend, you may be shocked to learn that Margot’s mom used to be in a girl group!

If you’re planning to see “Searching” this weekend, you already know that one of the major drivers of the plot is the loss of Margot’s mother and David’s wife — Pamela Nam Kim, a character played by Korean-American actress Sara Sohn.


Many may recognize her for her roles in “Furious 7”, Twin Peaks, and Sense 8. 


But did you know that Sara originally debuted in a Korean-American girl group called S.Blush with After School‘s Kahi and Son Dambi? They debuted back in 2006, where Sara promoted under her Korean name, Sohn Mibo.


The group debuted with “It’s My Life”, a song featuring Kahi. The song med decent success as it charted on the Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart at #2!


Due to several issues, the group disbanded just a year later. Kahi and Son Dambi continued to pursue their singing careers while Sara began to walk on the path of a Hollywood actress.


Although the members have each gone their separate way to find success, they fondly look back on the times together.


From K-Pop star to Hollywood actress, Sara Sohn has literally achieved it all!

Source: Dispatch