Sasaeng Fans Attack EXO’s Baekhyun For His Attitude

“He’s rude, ignores what you say and is completely cold. “

A user of an online community has shared a series of posts uploaded by saseang fans of EXO’s Baekhyun that demean his character.

Sasaeng is a Korean term that refers to over-obsessive fans who stalk their favorite idols, often invading their privacy.


The user titled the post, “How Baekhyun has always dealt with saesangs,” and shared the following screenshots of posts written by sasaeng fans.

“I used to be a sasaeng. His personality is exactly how you see it. He’s rude, ignores what you say and is completely cold. He never takes any letters. Other members act like their sorry when the managers tell them not to take the letters or if they know your face, they’ll take it secretly but Baekhyun doesn’t hide his feelings and always ignores his fans. All they want is to say hi but he’s always so cold  that even super bootsoonies get sick of it and leave”


“I went to EXO’s last music program this time. I asked a manager that I work with to get me Baekhyun’s autograph. My manager worked at SM for a couple of years and knew all of the managers so I asked him for Baekhyun’s autograph. So my manager asked their stylist and he came back an hour later with an autograph of another member. I asked why it wasn’t Baekhyun’s and the stylist said she was too scared to ask him and that she could get everyone else’s autograph but Baekhyun’s is difficult. That’s when I realized. My manager also said he was really really rude…that he doesn’t give his autograph if he doesn’t feel like it…that he doesn’t like to give autographs”


“The tension EXO’s waiting room was extreme and Baekhyun said, ‘f*ck that b*tch is here again?’ as soon as he came in. The other members just nodded thir heads and my friend was shocked after hearing him curse with everyone still around and listening even if it was a bad situation”


“Please spread this photo if you are available
Baekhyun is acting like the victim on Inkigayo right now. When I was at the waiting room, he was giggling while chatting with his phone. Don’t bully around Joonmyun (Suho) and stop ignoring him you piece of sh*t. It was so awkward. Also, reflecting upon yourself? You went to play billiards the day before your scandal^^ Shall I release the photo?”


“I went to Inkigayo during around February. The hosts were Baekhyun, Lee Yu Bi, Suho and Gwanghee. My seat was really close to the hosts’ seating so I could hear everything they were saying. While Baekhyun was talking to Lee Yu Bi, one of the fans near by called out, “Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baekhyun oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Baekhyun pretends not to here. “Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!! Please look here just once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He seriously didn’t even budge an inch so I thought he really didn’t hear but Lee Yu Bi goes, “(pointing at the fan) They’re calling you, aren’t you going to look?”
Baekhyun’s reaction was hilarious lol
“(waving his hand) No. I don’t want to.”

I’m posting this because no one believes my story about Baekhyun at Inkigayo. This is the waiting room of BTOB and BTS. As you can see, they’re all wearing thick clothing. (It was February 23) If you’re asking how I got in, an acquaintance of mine is a director of Inkigayo. I went in with him. I’m not a sasaeng.”


“He was poor and he was a sidekick of this a**hole that was pretty well known in Bucheon but he got into a huge agency and debuted as an idol lol but what’s funny is that he said he was cast on the street but he actually got in through connections from his vocal academy lol then he did his chin and got fillers in his nose and debuted lol he could never have debuted without getting plastic surgery lol because I also went to that academy and I knew him well lol After he debuted, his fans have been spreading rumors that he’s the son of a music professor or what not, but it’s complete nonsense lol”



The user then pointed out that despite his rude behavior towards sasaengs, he was kind to fansite masters who carried around huge cameras. The user suggested that his discriminative treatment towards these fansite masters could be because of the luxury presents he receives from them.

“So this is why all the sasaengs are afraid of Baekhyun. But it seemed like he was really friendly to fansite members. Is it because they give him luxury gifts? Fansite masters are also sasaeng…they even get on the plane with them”

ㅡ Online Community User


Many fans defended the idol, claiming that his behavior towards the sasaeng fans was kind when considering how aggressive they behaved.

  • “If you consider the things EXO sasaengs do, isn’t he a complete gentleman?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIf you go and search now, there are tones of trashy stories out there”
  • “If they’re scared, please tell them to go take a hike. Shouldn’t we be thankful if those sasaengs get off their backs?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIf it were you, would you smile at those girls who shave their heads to go into the men’s restrooms?”
  • “If you think of the things they do, Baekhyun’s reaction is very normal”
  • “Even if those are true, why should he be kind to sasaengs? Aren’t they just in it to satisfy their needs?


Some even provided evidence that proved otherwise.

“Also! Baekhyun also has great manners. This was during the same time but came out of the waiting room and went to the back of the stage for their rehearsal. There’s a step there but it’s really dark and covered with tents so it’s hard to see. I doul’ve fell if it wasn’t for Baekhyun. I was walking there and Baekhyun was staring at me in front of the step. I was wondering why and that’s when he pointed at the floor. So I didn’t get hurt…”


“When only the members were in the waiting room, I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable so I just left the dessert on the table and was about to leave but Baekhyun suddenly stopped talking and said thank you for the dessert so I actually felt more thankful in return! Although it’s not a big deal if you think about it, as a maknae staff who is ordered around by everyone, I was touched”



Meanwhile, others expressed their disapproval over the fact that Baekhyun still receives gifts from fans when he obviously doesn’t need them.

  • “He must have a lot of greed for goods still receiving presents”
  • “Because they don’t beat them up and give them luxury goods. It’s an extreme example but even for criminals, if they beat you up, it’s okay to criticize them but there is no reason for criminals who don’t beat you up and give you things to be criticized since they don’t beat you up lol”
  • “Oh I see, so I guess fansite masters are on a different class of sasaengs”
  • “But would he really want to receive those gives from fans when he makes so much more money than them? The members who don’t take gifts look so much smarter”
  • “Wow I can’t believe he still receives gifts even when he earns so much lol”
Source: Pann Nate