Sasaengs Completely Ruin EXO Baekhyun’s Live Broadcast

A well-meaning online broadcast from EXO’s Baekhyun kept on being interrupted and it was discovered that sasaeng fans were to blame. 

On April 17th, fans were treated with a late call from Baekhyun through a livestreaming. During the broadcast, Baekhyun casually talked to fans about his latest single “Take You Home” and shared his thoughts on its music video. He even serenaded his avid viewers to a live version of the track.

Several times during the broadcast, however, fans noticed that his connection appeared to have been interrupted. This was address in the short question and answer segment of his talk. Baekhyun explained that it was due to the number of calls he was receiving and eventually revealed that it was his sasaeng fans trying to constantly call him.

Baehyun calmly explained the situation to his fans.

“I guess it’s choppy. Sorry. Because someone is calling me. Please stop calling me!”

-EXO’s Baekhyun 

Despite his requests, the calls continued.

The broadcast kept on being interrupted despite his nonchalance response to the calls. Eventually, one of his fans suggested to simply put his phone on airplane mode and connect Wi-Fi so the calls would stop. Baekhyun did so and the broadcast continued with no further interruptions.

“I don’t know how they know my numbers. Right? It’s really amazing. I don’t answer it.”

-EXO’s Baekhyun

The members of EXO are prone to disturbances caused by their sasaeng fans. Back in 2013, Baekhyun had to deal with a group of fans that crashed his brother’s wedding, causing uproar online.

The interruption starts at the 13:00 mark of his broadcast.