These Sasaengs Were Let Into NCT 127’s Tour Bus And Invaded Their Privacy

They touched their beds, went through their stuff, and took videos.

On May 5, 2019, Twitter user @bubyukhei posted videos of her and her friends on NCT 127‘s tour bus. They were let in by the bus driver and were touching their beds, going through their personal belongings, and leaving letters.

She was also tweeting the address of the hotel the boys were staying at.

She stayed at the same hotel as the members of NCT 127. She posted numerous videos of them around Houston to her personal Instagram account.

The sasaeng was able to get close to the boys after following them, and she even posted an Instagram video of the encounter to her Instagram.

She was also able to answer questions about NCT’s whereabouts in Houston.

NCT allegedly called the police when they heard someone had gotten on to their tour bus.

NCTzens were outraged when they found out that someone had successfully snuck into the tour bus. They found out what she looked like as well as her number ticket in the hopes that security in the concert won’t let her in.

NCTzens also found the Twitter account of one of the friends who snuck into the tour bus.

@bubyukhei has since deleted her tweets that feature videos of the boy’s tour bus and their home address. She posted a Twitter thread to explain her actions. She reveals that the bus driver let her and her friends into the bus and did not think her actions thoroughly because she was excited. She apologized for her actions.

Fans were not impressed with her apology, however. They say that she is only sorry for posting videos, but not sorry for touching their things and invading their privacy.

Many also brought up how the boys of NCT must have felt after learning that “fans” snuck into their private area.

This opens up the conversation about idols and their private lives. Many fans forget that their idols deserve privacy and trespass on things they shouldn’t. Remember that idols are people too and they deserve privacy, and just because they are public figures doesn’t forfeit their right to privacy.