Saweetie Dances The Choreography Of Some Of Our Favorite K-Pop Hits In Her New “Fast (Motion)” Video

She danced choreography from BLACKPINK, MOMOLAND, and more!

American rapper, singer, and songwriter, Saweetie recently released an animated music video for her song “Fast (Motion).” Soon, K-Pop stans noticed some similarity between her cartoons’ dancing to that of some of their favorite K-Pop songs’ choreography.

| Official Saweetie/YouTube

In the beginning of the video, various video game avatar versions of Saweetie pop up in a “Choose your character!” type sequence. Three of the characters can be seen dancing some of the iconic choreography from MOMOLAND‘s “BAAM,” HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop!,” and BLACKPINK‘s “BOOMBAYAH.” Fans have even compiled some shots from the video with fancams to show the similarities.


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Near the end of the video, after a competitor has been crowned winner, it appears that the character is doing part of the choreography from Girls’ Generation‘s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).”

| Official Saweetie/YouTube

There have been mixed reactions among K-Pop stans to Saweetie’s video. Some were happy to see some of their favorite K-Pop dances referenced, saying they loved it. Others would have liked the artists to have at least gotten some sort of credit if their dances were used.

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Some have defended the use of the various choreographies, suggesting that, like sampling, they could have paid to use it. Meanwhile, others have pointed out the numerous times black celebrities’ concepts and music have been copied by K-Pop idols.

  • “Don’t Kpop idols literally copy every black celebrity? I clearly remember when taeyang went through his rip off Neyo phase”
  • “Where do y’all think these Kpop groups get their dance moves from?”

However, with as many K-Pop references that there were, it has caused many to also wonder if Saweetie might be a K-Pop fan herself or at least hinting at a future collab with one a K-Pop artist. Recently, Jamie and Chanmina were featured on a remix of her and Doja Cat‘s “Best Friend,” so it seems like a possibility.

  • “Is Saweetie a Kpop fan? Cuz the character are doing a bunch of Kpop moves!”
  • “All the Kpop signature dances move in the beginning for each avatar she’s really showing some love”
  • “I saw the kpop dances[.] I hope she does a collab with kpop idols”
  • “what if she’s hinting something”

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What do you think? Check out Saweetie’s video below:

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