SB19 Tops Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart, BTS Jin And EXO Kai’s New Solos Make Debuts

Three BTS songs remain in the top 10!

The results of Billboard‘s weekly Hot Trending Songs chart are out, and a lot of our favorites have made the top 10!

This newly introduced chart is powered by Twitter and sponsored by Capital One, so it “provides a real-time ranking of the most-discussed songs on the platform globally.” It’s a new addition, introduced just in October. Since its launch, K-Pop has dominated the chart, but there is one Filipino music act that is switching things up.

Billboard‘s Hot Trending Songs charts, powered by Twitter and sponsored Capital One, track global music-related trends and conversations in real-time across Twitter, viewable over either the last 24 hours or past seven days. A weekly, 20-position version of the chart, covering activity from Friday through Thursday of each week, posts alongside Billboard‘s other weekly charts on each Tuesday. The charts highlight buzz around new releases, award shows, festival moments, music nostalgia and more. Hot Trending Songs is unique in that it tracks what songs people are talking about, not necessarily what they’re listening to.

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For the week of December 11, Filipino boy band SB19 rose from No. 8 to No. 1, a first for the group. Their song “Bazinga” has 1.5 mentions on Twitter, an increase of 67% since the previous week. They are officially the first music act to replace BTS on Billboard Hot Trending Songs.

The latest Twitter conversation around ‘Bazinga,’ whose official video premiered Oct. 29, follows the group’s Nov. 29 performance of the song at the 34th Awit Awards, the annual honors bestowed by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. SB19 was nominated for four awards and took home the trophy for Peoples’ Voice Favorite Song, for ‘Hanggang sa Huli.’

— Billboard

Last week, BTS dominated the chart with three songs, “Butter, “Permission to Dance,” and “Dynamite.” In fact, they ruled the chart every week of its existence.

Still, these songs place in the top 10 for this week: “Butter” at No. 1, “Permission to Dance” at No. 3, and “Dynamite” at No. 9.

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Previously, Stray Kids made their debut on the chart with their holiday single “Christmas EveL” as they entered at No. 15. As we get closer to the holidays, more and more are listening to our new favorite Christmas song. So, it jumped from No. 15 all the way to No. 4!

“Winter Falls, ” one of their other holiday tracks, debuted at No. 10. Both songs are from the EP Christmas EveL, released on November 29.

This week, we see a couple of debuts from artists as well. EXO‘s Kai enters the chart at No. 8 with “Peaches,” the title track of his new EP. This phenomenal follow-up to his first solo EP was released on November 30.

Finally, BTS’s Jin has earned his second solo song entry as “Super Tuna” debuts on the daily Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart today.

As the song continues to trend every day since its release, we can certainly see “Super Tuna” topping the chart next week.

Meanwhile, Jin’s OST for K-Drama Jirisan “Yours” remains on the weekly chart. You can check out many more rankings from K-Pop artists, such as MONSTA X, BLACKPINK‘s LISA, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan, TWICE, and NCT 127 below:

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Source: Billboard

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