SBS admits they changed script last minute on WINNER Mino after his apology

Earlier today, we revealed that WINNER’s Mino was under heavy fire for the misuse of a Korean word that references Japan instead of Korea. 

While yuldo, or archipelago, and bando, or peninsula, can ideally be used interchangeably, in Korea, yuldo is a term used specifically for Japan and bando for Korea.

Initially, Korean netizens criticized Mino’s “slip of the tongue,” voicing out their disappointment, commenting, “I guess he studied English only so he could rap,” “I don’t know if that was scripted or adlibbed but if it was scripted how did they not catch it during rehearsal,” “Even if it was scripted he should have caught the mistake,” and “This mistake isn’t even laughable.”

Mine then stepped forward and apologized for the mistake of saying, “I deeply apologize. Everything is my mistake and my fault.” SBS ‘Gayo Daejun’ staff have also apologized saying, “It was a mistake on the part of the staff. We apologize.”

Kim Juhyung, the producer of Gayo Daejun revealed in a statement, “This is in no way the fault of  Song Mino but the staff’s fault entirely. We feel very bad because Mino did the best he could and did his job well but he ended up involved in this incident. The only way to adjust the time between performances are through the MCs and award recipients’ speeches. So there are a lot of quick editing done with scripts and a very careless mistake appeared in the process.”

Some commented that Mino should have noticed the mistake and fixed the part when he read the lines but most are in agreement that Mino who is new to the role of an MC probably had enough on his mind just reading the script as it was.

Most netizens are, however, in agreement that Mino, a rookie singer should not be subject to such criticism considering his inexperience and the fact that the script was at fault, not him.

Source: OSEN