SBS Is Creating A Special Chuseok Variety Show Only About BTS

A special show dedicated to BTS.

SBS will showcase BTS in a special Chuseok variety show in September.

SBS will prepare a special show, titled Chronicles of BTS’ Variety, which will bring together famous scenes of BTS on various different SBS variety shows such as Star King, Flower Crew, and Running Man.

The show will be hosted by Kim Sung Joo, Jung Hyung Don, and Jang Yewon, who will bring a combination of fun and informative knowledge about BTS.

It will be a ranking show program, selecting the best and most interesting scenes of BTS on SBS variety shows from their debut up until the present day. The show will allow viewers to see the charms of BTS that they may not have been able to see before. The show will be broadcast during the Chuseok holiday, in September.

Source: Newsen